Chris Abott” and “Couch Surfer” by Hope Gangloff

UNTITLED. is an exhibition format of cutting-edge contemporary art raised to the scale of a large international art fair. The aim is to offer collectors an alternative viewing experience from the traditional art fair. It is about creating a conversation and thereby offering collectors a sense of discovery, diversity, and quality with an international perspective.” – Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Artistic Director

“Slater Update” by Hope Gangloff

UNTITLED. is an innovative art fair that exhibits a cohesive collection of international works by contemporary artists. The conceptual artworks are engaging and compelling. It incorporates artworks sponsored by emerging and established international galleries considered to be impactful and revolutionary. UNTITLED. is held annually during Art Basel at Ocean Drive and 13th Street.

“Phase Space”  Dave Bopp

“Untitled” by Sigrid Sandstrom and “Draumalandid, RedGreenBluePeony” by Katrina Moorhead

“Pyramid” Artworks by Assaf Evron

“TGA_082” by Michael Staniak

The exhibit displays a compelling story conveyed through modern diverting paintings and captivating sculptures, narrating the gallery. The artwork is part of a grand project that works in unison to show how a large space can unite like works.

Artworks range from two dimensional to three dimensional mixed medium pieces, created with various mediums such as wood, paper, acrylic, gauche, and canvas.

“Watanabe Ito Some 12 Fold II” by Sasha Pierce

Blinking red in plexi case by Alejandro Diaz

Carved Paper Sculpture by Miler Lagos

“TalkCloud 92-04” by Bakhshi Mahmoud

Cajsa Von Zeipel

The innovative and sometimes controversial works in this forward thinking artist coven prove why Miami’s Art Basel continues to push boundaries and set the global stage for the most insane visual displays of our times.
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