Spotlight: Sagan

Bandcamp has been a source of sae music downloading for the upcoming mucisians since 2007. They’ve shone the spotlight on a lot of successful bands today. One of the bands found there, released a debut album on November 15 of 2015 entitled Punto Azul Pálid. This band, originated in Spain, is called Sagan and by the name and a quick translation of their album you can deduce that they are inspired but the great astronomer, Carl Sagan. The album contains zero lyric, excluding the ending song entitled the Pale Blue Dot. This being one of the most famous pages written and performed by Sagan.

The heavy guitar intermingling with the soothing psych rock melodies makes for a great head-banging debut. Each song is inspired by the many articles written by the late astronomer and reflect the mood of the words in each one. Not only that, but the album art work is just north of rad. These guys have a great sound on their album they call proto-space rock and you can hear the whole thing on Bandcamp. Help support these guys because I like what I’m hearing and I think you will too.

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