Third Man Records’ new series the “Blue Room Spotlight” is taking musical vision to new heights. By intermixing live performance and video effects, it fully interprets the intent behind every note in a performer’s emotional arsenal. Recently, the multi-talented “Little” Jack Lawrence has provided an awesome addition to the growing series entitled “Silver Flying Machine”. Lawrence takes us on a soothing ride that leaves a gooey shoegaze film on the visuals while accentuating the resonating lyrics. The somber vibe of the song combined with lyrics like, “we laughed because we were all alone” and, “lets dance through parts unknown” cause a tenacious curiosity about the songs origins.

While most fans of The Dead Weather, The Greenhornes and The Raconteurs may know him as a bassist or drummer, Lawrence takes to a new instrument that brings out his great song writing abilities. The unique Septavox synthesizer used in the video, was made for and inspired by Jack Lawrence, and carried out by gear manufacturers “Critter & Guitari”. Electronic Musician‘s article on Lawrence’s debut quoted Critter & Guitari about the Septavox as saying it is, “well-built and has a nice array of sounds, but also comes with an element of mystery about it: ‘How did this thing get here?”. They go on to say that they intended for it to help you create your own story as you get to know the instrument. Let’s just say that what they came up with really sets the atmosphere and truly matches the haunting tones in Lawrence’s playing brilliantly. “Silver Flying Machine” brings a lot of promise for Lawrence’s future endeavors by way of solo album or tour.

Unfortunately, he has no immediate plans for either of those, so for now we at least have the replay button. The Dead Weather, however, released their new album “Dodge and Burn” in September and you will find Lawrence’s heavy bass riding alongside some killer tracks. Check out the Jack Lawrence Blue Room Spotlight video below and cross your fingers for more where that came from.

Critter and Guitari quotes/ Septavox

4th installment

Built for Jack Lawrence

Critter and Guitari

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