Released: November 18th, 2016
Label: Cleopatra Records

Echolust’s debut album, Veldisa, is beautifully arranged from beginning to end. This album is a great introduction to their synth, shoegaze. If you’re a fan of The Jesus Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins and Slowdive, you’ll appreciate this album.

‘1799’ starts the album off on an upbeat tempo that carries through the first songs and slows down with ‘Lotus’ midway. The stand out songs would have to be ‘Decor Blond,’ ‘Cherry Dancer,’ ‘Dark Hair Girl,’ and ‘For Least Resistance.’ The Darkwave alternative, indie sound is truly present throughout the album, but there is something distinctive about Echolust’s sound. While it sounds nostalgic, it is also refreshing. This album won’t get lost in a pool of synthpop, indie bands. It has both great instrumentals and songwriting.

With twelve songs at 55 minutes this album takes you on a gloomy, midnight road trip that brings back your favorite memories and leaves you reflecting about the distant future. Or it can serve as your soundtrack to a rainy winter in England. (8/10)

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