When Mystic Braves recorded their first two albums, they took the “bang the tracks out live and then sing overdubs and call it a wrap” approach, singer Julian Ducatenzeiler says. The Los Angeles group was more deliberate in making the follow-up, “Days of Yesteryear,” which premieres today on Speakeasy.

The 10-track psych-rock album sounds like a forgotten gem from the late ’60s that turned up at the back of some paisley-filled closet in the Electric Prunes’ basement. The songs are full of Farfisa organ, quavering guitars and wispy, ethereal vocal harmonies.

“This is our first attempt at departing from our grittier, more live lo-fi sounding feel, and maturing into a well thought-out and polished form of our older selves,” Ducatenzeiler says.

He and his bandmates formed the group in L.A.’s Echo Park neighborhood 2011, and Ducatenzeiler heads a lineup that includes drummer Cameron Gartung, guitarist Shane Stotsenberg, bassist Tony Malacara and organist/tambourinist Ignacio Gonzalez. The quintet has honed a classic garage-rock sound that even earned Mystic Braves a spot opening for the Zombies in 2014.

“Days of Yesteryear” is Mystic Braves’ third album, after a self-titled debut in 2012 and the follow-up, “Desert Island,” which came out last year. The new LP is due Nov. 13. What do you think of “Days of Yesteryear?”

Source: wsj.com

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