Label: The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Holy Wave’s third studio album, Freaks of Nurture, takes their music to another level while keeping their distinct psych pop sound. It is clear that they did a lot of experimenting and took a slightly different approach from their previous work. This album is a perfect fusion of dreamy, psychedelic pop rock.

Their opening song, “She Put A Seed In My Ear,” sets the entire album to a smooth, calming start. You’ll be transported into a psychedelic wave. The band showcases their signature sound with “Western Playland” and “Our Pigs” incorporating a more upbeat tempo and giving the album more dimension. Although this album flows well together, it makes it difficult to remember which song is which aside from the more upbeat songs. It lacks diversity, but they remain true to their sound.
Hailing straight from Austin, TX, it is no wonder why this band continues making the lineup for Austin’s Levitation Festival (formerly known as Austin Psych Fest) and pulling in a large crowd every time.


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