Strange Names , the latest sensation from Frenchkiss Records (Local Natives, Diet Cig), have released new song ” UFO ” and announced upcoming album Data to be released February 23 on the taste-making label. The trio recently transplanted from Minneapolis to NYC, perfecting a blend of irresistibly rhythmic retro reminiscent of The B-52s and Talking Heads and the contemporary appeal of pop powerhouses like Phoenix along the way.

On Data these definitive sonic tendencies remain in their purest form, but the soul of the record emerges distinctively amidst a newfound sense of exploration, in both sounds and motif, that bring to light Strange Names’ most daring and realized music to date.

Written and recorded in Brooklyn and self-produced by the band themselves, Data surfaces principally as an album about perspective, boldly conceptualized from the viewpoint of aliens observing human behavior on earth in a methodical, scientific way, quite transparently, collecting “Data”.

Frontman Liam Benzvi e xplains: “ three figures from a different world taking notes on human normalcy—while it seems trivial, it’s exhilarating for them because they know nothing of it. They’re like a family: clownish, playing games with their subjects of observation. We are playing the roles of these figures, and this is our point of view that hopefully translates when you listen.”

Where their previous record emanated a more sleek and modular sound, Data ushers in a more rambunctious, rock-centered audio-aesthetic. “It sounds like we’re all in a really small room facing each other and playing in an intimate way,“ the band comment. “It sounds very alive.”

Amidst a grim and staggering cultural political zeitgeist, Data acknowledges the trivialities of human existence with self-aware humor through dissociation and escapism. “It’s about adding an element of discovery to these things that are very mundane and routine for us,” Benzvi adds. It’s apt; mundane themes like relationships woes can seem minuscule in the grand scheme of current affairs, but by implementing the childlike wonder of a completely (and literally) alien third party analyzing them, the narrative becomes compelling and, in Strange Names case, a means by which to thoughtfully and infectiously encapsulate the absurdity and nuance of our reality in 2018 through music.

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