Photo courtesy of Thrill Jockey

Bay Area heavy rocker fiends Golden Void will release their sophomore album, Berkana, via Thrill Jockey later this year. The band puts together heavy psychedelic rock that hits every itch you’d want in killer music. That dynamic of the band is illustrated superbly in their new track “Dervishing.” From the song’s onset, you feel as though you’re being guided through a scape of rock aspects, from solos that hang and float off into space to riffs that build and sway over and over. Vocals haunt the track just as much, dipping in and out before rescinding and letting the guitars take over. It’s all the best parts of Cream, King Crimson, managing to sound like they belong on a Chet Helms promotion in 60s San Francisco, without getting too corny for comfort.

Listen to the song below, and pre-order your copy of the record right here.

By John Hill

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