My Bloody Valentine have announced new vinyl reissues of their first two albums, Isn’t Anything and Loveless. The “all analog vinyl versions” have been mentioned in interviews since 2013, but the official announcement comes with word that the 180 gram repressings will be “mastered from analog tapes using Studer A80 VU PRE and Neumann VMS 80 cutting lathe for full analog signal path.”

If that weren’t enough, Kevin Shields has reportedly been working on music for a new album slated for 2018. According to his bio on the website for Sigur Rós’ Norður og Niður festival in Iceland, Shields is “working on material for a new my bloody valentine album to be released in 2018.” While no announcement has yet come from Shields or the band, a new t-shirt pre-order has also been listed on their website with an intricate circuit design and text reading “mbv fuzz.” Traditionally, MBV shirts have followed each album art design, leading some fans to speculate this as the potential title and cover art for the release. Preorder the act’s latest 180 gram reissues on their website and revisit our 2008 feature on the era-defining band.


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