We were lucky to spend part of the summer of 2013 with the Fullerton-based band Dahga Bloom as they prepped for the release of their latest album, ‘No Curtains.’ We really responded to their working-class, DIY attitude towards art and music, and this documentary tries to capture some of the tough choices and sacrifices involved in making a life while following a passion. Featuring a full performance of their new track ‘Put it on the Table,’ we hope you enjoy. -Dan Thron (filmmaker)

Music and the culture behind it has been a key influence over OBEY. Independent music has particularly made it’s mark through the DIY mentality and aesthetics along with the angst and struggle that comes with getting your voice into the world. We teamed up with film makers Marc Perrera and Dan Thron as they captured an intimate and brutally honest look at the psych rock band Dahga Bloom. They explore the band’s inner workings and struggles as they prepared to release their new record.

We are proud to be part of this film and hope to bring you more of it’s kind in the future. OBEY would like to thank Marc and Dan as well as all the members of Dahga Bloom for letting us into their world.

Get Dahga Bloom’s new album ‘No Curtains’ here: bit.ly/nocurtains
Follow them on Facebook: bit.ly/dahgabloom


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