Bully, a Nashville garage rock group, has been turning heads for its often heady lyrics told in an accessible, nonchalant way, and the band is at it again in the music video for “Too Tough” off the debut album Feels Like.

The video comes courtesy of NPR, who premiered the footage Wednesday September 30.

Frontwoman Alicia Bognanno and the rest of the band seem wholly uninterested in the music as they play lackadaisically in a non-descript suburban home, or as Bognanno strums a guitar in front of a highway over pass and a car junkyard. At one point, the drummer is too bored to even continue playing.

It’s not that the band doesn’t care; it’s just that they are tired of being taken so seriously.

“Ever since the record has come out,” Bognanno told NPR via email, “I am constantly being asked about the intensity and honesty of the lyrics and whether or not I regret putting them out there. This video is a friendly reminder that, yes, obviously we care, but we don’t need to be taken so seriously 100% of the time.”

Bully tends to tackle hard subjects such as sexual assault, anxiety and depression. “I question everything / my focus, my figure, my sexuality,” Bognanno sings on “Trying.” But, the video for “Too Tough” feels distinctly sarcastic. She’s getting tired of someone calling the house all day and night; failing to talk about the problem at hand and the process is wearing her down.

You can’t help but be captivated by Bognanno’s deep stares into the camera like she’s staring at your soul at the end of the video. It’s a boring suburban world she occupies, but somehow you can’t seem to look away.

Check out the music video over at NPR and check out Bully’s website to catch her on tour this fall before an extensive European tour. Watch the video for “Trying” above.

Source: musictimes.com

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