“Music is so vast, and constantly growing and expanding, like the multiverse.. I was exposed to everything growing up and I am always discovering new great music everywhere i go..” says, Micah Nelson, frontman of the trippy, eclectic and energetic group Insects vs. Robots. This five piece orchestra has been burning up stages with their cocktail of foot stomping tempo shifts and jam band soloing in the styles of gypsy jazz, experimental ambience and classic psychedelic rock, since 2009 with their first release Geryl and the Great Homunculous.

Hailing from Venice Beach, California, these guys have built a following all on their own. Micah, being the son of acclaimed singer/songwriter Willie Nelson, says, “We could have a million doors opened for us, but we still gotta walk through them and then hold our space in the room”. Micah makes it clear that while he respects his father, he strives for his music to speak for itself and Insects vs. Robots to create a path of their own. They really have made his notable relation fade into the mist of their music’s unique dissonance. These five guys include a lot of unconventional instruments and stage performances, including Nikita Sororin on violin and Micah strumming on a charango (an Andean stringed lute) while soothing us with maverick lyrics. Milo Gonzalez is showcased on lead guitar, shredding solos and contorting on stage and bass man, Jeff Smith. While the band began with far more stage theatrics as far as fire spinning and stilt walking, their shows still include great stage presence and some impressive back breaking from Gonzalez.

Their deep curiosity with time and space led to the naming of the band, as explained by drummer Tony Peluso, “Milo, Maggie and I (Tony) came up with the name during a late night conversation about nature vs technology and apocalypse theories”. Their song, “Mosquito” really mirrors those beliefs. My personal favorite, “Ole Lukoje”, introduces their impressive manipulation of tempo and sound.

Insects vs. Robots is releasing a new album called, “Theyllkillyaa” and a tour is planned for spring of 2016 to support the album. Their love of music oozes out of their fingertips and when asked if they had a message to convey Micah, so bluntly said, ” Not really… “Don’t be a cunt” maybe” and Tony Peluso said, “It’s all about the music”. Words of wisdom.

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