Soundmix: Marcus Schnitzler
Projection: Keith Pearson alias Projektor4
Cameras: Thierry Miguet, Ruben Treiber
Video-Edit: Thierry Miguet

Electric Moon were founded in late 2009 by bassplayer/paintingartist Komet Lulu and guitarplayer Sula Bassana. Founder Drummer was Pablo Carneval, in early 2011 replaced by Alex, who was replaced by Michael in summer 2012, till spring 2013. Now Electric Moon have Marcus Schnitzler on Drums, who is also member of The Spacelords.

Electric Moon is set to appear on a Beatles Tribute CD/LP on Cleopatra Records in March 2015!

Upcoming 2015 Gigs:

06.06. GER-Netphen, Freak Valley Festival
10.09. GER-Bochum, Zeiss-Planetarium

Electric Moon - Freak Valley

Electric Moon belong to the upper shelf of the European Psych- and Krautrock scene and played many festival gigs like Roadburn Festival (NL), Dark Bombastic Evening (RO), Yellowstock(BE) etc. Many LPs and CDs of EM have been released and currently they are working on a new record. Take a huge dosis of Psychedelia, blend it with some acid colors and get as high as you can – this is the state of mind, Electric Moon create with their sound. Especially their live appearances are a unique thing. They want to celebrate the love of the music together with the audience and the highest point of communication gets reached when there is happening a symbiosis between audience and band.

Live appearances at many festivals as:
Duna Jam (Italy), Yellowstock (Belgium), Sulatron Labelnights (Germany), Kozfest (UK), Sonic Rock Solstice (UK), Swiss Psychfest (CH), Copenhagen Psychfest (DK), Roadburn-Festival (Netherlands), Dark Bombastic Evening (Romania), Mudfest (Netherlands), Kildemose Festival (Denmark), Zytanien (Germany), Rockt den See (Germany)… And shared the stage with Vibravoid, Farflung, Hypnos 69, Motorpsycho, Colour Haze, Obelyskkh, Zone Six, Giobia, Ufomammut, The Machine, Tracker, Daturana, On Trial, Dragontears, Gnod, Omnia Opera, Litmus, La Ira De Dios, Spectrum, Baby Woodrose, Papir, Tribe of Cro, Øresund Space Collective, Troldmand, Seven That Spells, Fjodor, Kadavar, The Spacelords, Electric Orange, Naam, Spiral Navigators, The Cosmic Dead, The Oscillation and many more.

Check Them Out!

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